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Did you know that we include a very detailed and thorough PDF documentation file with your purchase? It's in the help file directory of your downloaded zip file from ThemeForest.net. It contains step-by-step instructions on exactly how to install the theme on your server, including screenshots and links.

We really do spend a lot of time creating the documentation and they are tested by a user to ensure they contain everything you would need - we also include supplementary files for widget codes etc - be sure to check everything in your download package first.

If your question is regarding a WordPress function, a plugin you installed or something about your server we are not the right people to assist you, that is best left to the official WordPress website, your hosting company or the plugin author.

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Tony Tags & categories to go back inside the content loop   SquareCode Premium WordPress Theme   Updated 4 days ago   1 Most recent comment from Barbi Atkinson:Hi Tony, you would probably want to look at your 'Submission Form' we don't actually use this in single-download.php. So if (on the submission form) you have told FES to list the categories and tags ... Chad Ashley Cr3ative Staff Index   SquareCode Premium WordPress Theme   Updated 1 week ago   5 Most recent comment from Barbi Atkinson:Hi Chad I'm so sorry - I misunderstood your original question.  I see what's happening now.  If you log in to your WordPress admin, go to Settings > Reading.  See where it says 'Blog pages at most' ... Michael Footer question   Genesis Church - Premium Responsive WordPress Them   Updated 1 week ago   4 Most recent comment from Barbi Atkinson:Happy to help! Chad Ashley Odd dropdown arrow issue   SquareCode Premium WordPress Theme   Updated 1 week ago   2 Most recent comment from Barbi Atkinson:Hi Chad It looks like the site is not bringing in the font family for the arrow so it's showing the unicode instead of the arrow. Do you have your CSS files minified? David Blank page template   SquareCode Premium WordPress Theme   Updated 1 week ago   5 Most recent comment from Barbi Atkinson:Hi David, unfortunately customizations are not part of the free support.  I created the blank page template for you earlier as a courtesy. You would need to also create a header-special.php and foot ...