Squarecode - Trouble Importing

Should you have any trouble importing the XML, you could try to break the import into smaller chunks to get it pass any limitations from the server on uploads size.  The Downloads alone used in the live demo is a 9Mb File.

So to import first, use this file - it will import everything except the downloads.  Download this zip and unzip it and then go to Tools >> Import and import the squarecodetheme.wordpress.xml. http://creativ.s3.amazonaws.com/squarecode/squarecodetheme.wordpress.xml.zip 

Then go to Tools >> Import and import the squarecodetheme.downloads_only.xml (after you've downloaded and unzipped this). http://creativ.s3.amazonaws.com/squarecode/squarecodetheme.downloads_only.xml.zip

To import the FES Submission, Profile and Registration froms, donwload and unzip this file and then go to EDD FES >> Tools and under the Import form, attache the corresponding json file. http://creativ.s3.amazonaws.com/squarecode/FES-Forms.zip