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Wordpress File Size Limit


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    Sagar started the conversation


    I have brought your SquareCode Premium WordPress Theme

    Can you please help me in the regard of digital product upload file size.

    We want to make  File size limit upto 1GB direct upload(without FTP). But We can't upload such  large file. Is it  a imitation of  WordPress or our hosing provider or something else? We have talked with our hosting provider , they are telling its a limitation of word press.  Can you please tell me about this issue. When we upload a small file like 50MB it uploads easily. But when the file size is large it shows HTTP error. What is the reason of that?



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    Barbi replied


    The upload size is determined by WordPress and your server settings.  Unfortunately when you want vendors to upload files, this will use what ever settings are in WordPress and your hosting provider.

    If your upload limit is 1GB then that would be the limit of the vendors uploads for their files to sell on your site.

    In some cases you can change the upload size yourself by following along with this tutorial: