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Tag Search is not working


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    Sagar started the conversation


    I have brought SquareCode Premium WordPress Theme

    Search engine is working well in the product search but it is not working for vendor name search and product tag search.

    For example, There is a product in the marketplace named" Simple Logo Opener" and there is tag like " elegant", "Reveal" ....Etc.

    When I search by the part or full product name it works but If I search by tags like "elegant" search engine find nothing. What may be the reason?

    In the same way when I search by any vendor name it  finds nothing.



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    Barbi replied

    Hi Sagar

    That is WordPress search.  Not all things are indexed for searching.  If a post/page title, category or tag is searched, it will come up.  Most things aren't indexed for searching on WordPress.  There is a core track ticket that users have requested WordPress to enhance the searching capabilities.

    I'm very sorry for any trouble Sagar!


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    Gene replied

    Sagar, you need to install a plugin called "Search Everything". When you have this, enable "Search custom taxonomies". This will allow you to search by tag and category - works like a charm!