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Comments in downloads


  • Liute Cristian started the conversation

    Hello, I would like to allow the standard comments form in my downloads. How can I enable this in your theme?

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    Barbi replied

    Hi Liute

    I'm assuming you are not using the Reviews plugin for commenting?

    If you are not then you will need to customize the single-download.php in a child theme by calling in the comment form like this:

    <!--?php if ('open' == $post--->comment_status) { ?>
                        <!-- Start of comment wrapper -->
                        <div class="comment_wrapper">
                            <!-- Start of comment wrapper main -->
                            <div class="comment_wrapper_main">
                            <!--?php comments_template(); ?-->
                            <!--?php comment_form(); ?-->
                            </div><!-- End of comment wrapper main -->
                            <div class="clear"></div>
                        </div><!-- End of comment wrapper -->
                        <!--?php } ?--> 

    and then make sure you have enabled comments on your downloads by checking the Screen Options:

    Then at the bottom of the admin download page, make sure that you select "Comments" from the discussion section:


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