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Problem with variable prices


  • Liute Cristian started the conversation


    You theme is presenting a new problem.

    In downloads with variable prices, it is not possible to switch between options. It simply does not allow you to select.

    Can you help me solve this as quickly as possible?

    See the attachment. 

    Link: https://loja.design/downloads/kit-festa-animaizinhos/

    Thank you!

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  •   Liute Cristian replied privately
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    Barbi replied

    Hi Liute

    I apologize, that is the purchase form that EDD brings in, that's not controlled by the theme.  You would need to reach out to their support to see why that isn't working for you.

    There was a js error on the page that I've corrected for you.  This was due to including the <script> tags on your Google Analytics which weren't needed as the theme already wraps the code in <script> tags.

    However, even correcting that and removing the js error - the form still isn't working.  It does work on our live preview: http://mythemepreviews.com/squarecode-alt/downloads/business-essentials-3-premium-wordpress-theme/ So I'm not sure why it's not working for you.  But since that form is built and displayed through EDD - they would be who you would need to reach out for support for.

    I'm very sorry, please let me know if I can help with anything else.  Thanks


  • Liute Cristian replied

    I'm feeling frustrated. Every week there's a new problem, whether it's your theme or the EDD. I installed a different theme and the problem with the variable price was solved, which leads me to believe that it really is a problem with your theme.

    Unfortunately I can not continue with a system and a theme that does not give me security. In this way, I will change to Woocommerce and a theme that offers me greater security and customization possibilities.
    I greatly appreciate your support.


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    Barbi replied

    I'm very sorry Liute - I'm not sure why the variable pricing isn't working for you, as I said we don't seem to have any issues on our live demo.

    I apologize for any frustration, that certainly wasn't my intention.